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1070 Wien

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Yogastile: Hatha Yoga

Spezialkurse: Meditation, Rückenyoga, Vorträge, Yoga & Meditation, Yoga & Tanz, Yoga & Wandern, Yoga für Frauen, Yoga für Menschen mit Behinderung, Yoga für Musiker, Yoga für Männer, Yoga für Schwangere, Yoga für den Rücken, Yoga im Einzelunterricht , Yogareisen

Hatha-Yoga is not a fast food attitude. It refers to a progressive transformation of our physiological potential. Definitely not an asana show off, as often thought today.
Join a class of hatha yoga bien tempéré with experienced facilitators and feel the difference.
Classes for beginners and all levels and for non german teaching audience!
For the ones who have just arrived or are visiting Vienna for a short period of time and dont speak german, classes are taught both in English vocabulary* We are an international yoga studio and our wish is to make everybody feel at home beyond any barriers of language or previous yoga experience. I am happy to meet and share with you such wonderful yoga method ! In bliss and light, Anastasia

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