Sunday Yoga for gathering donations for the homeless

Sunday Yoga for gathering donations for the homeless

Sunday Yoga for gathering donations for the homeless. With Maja Zilih. For All Levels

Sonntag, 23. April 12:00-13:30
Einlass: 11:45
class will be taught in English
Sensitivity and generousity are society's greatest asset.
When extended beyond the small circle of family and friends, these values reveal their greatest gift - the gift of knowing how to be in the world.

Join Maja Zilih for this all-level heart-opening yoga session.
Instead of paying for the class, please donate whatever you can, but ONLY from the item list below.

The donations will be taken to the Caritas care center for homeless people.

Please note that none of the items should be opened.

Please RSVP by Friday the latest to Maja:

Haltbare Lebensmittel
Tee in Teebeuteln, gemahlener Kaffee, Dicksaft
Teigwaren: Spaghetti, Spiralen, Penne, Hörnchen, Fleckerl;

Fertiggerichte/Dosen: Fleisch- und Fischdosen, Bohnen- und Gulaschsuppe, Chili Con Carne, Sugo, Gulasch, Ravioli, Linsen, Mais, weiße Bohnen, Aufstrich-Dosen


Hygieneartikel & Reinigungsmittel:
Taschenkämme, Einweg-Doppelklingen-Rasierer, Rasierschaum, Zahnpasta, Zahnbürsten, Wegwerfhandschuhe, div. Cremen, Wattestäbchen, Damen-Hygieneartikel (Tampons, Damenbinden, ...), Oropax, Waschpulver

Gesundheit: Pflaster, Leukoplast, Kamillosan-Salbe, Betaisodona-Lösung, Betaisodona-Salbe, Entlausungsshampoo (Carylderm oder A-Par)