Yoga Rocks On Kutschkermarkt * Mothers bring your child along * Free babysitting care offered!!!

Hatha - Yoga Weekly Classes on Kutschkermarkt!

When: Tuesday 9.30 - 10.30

Venue: Institute ”Living” , Hans-Sachs Gasse 29, Ecke Waehringerstrasse 89, 1180 Wien

Welcome to read my article on this class:


Join us to this beautiful location for an hour of rejuvenating yoga every Tuesday morning from 9.30 - 10.30 and bring your child along.

Usually mothers are having free time in the mornings to move around and enjoy life with their young children. But when winter is approaching and the options to take walks in a cold or rainy day are getting rare what to do then?

Being a mother my self and acknowledging this situation I thought of offering a yoga class with free babysitting care. So while you are enjoying and relaxing yourself your child will be safely pampered by experienced babysitters into a room next to the yoga studio.

What do you feel about that? Isn't that great?

For more info about my yoga style as well as this offer kindly send your email at: anastasiayoga@yahoo.de or call me at: + 43 699 10 65 4515

Looking forward to welcoming you and your lovely child ***

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